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The MSC Malaysia Asia-Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards) a jointly organised programme by the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) and The National ICT Association of Malaysia (PIKOM) is the perfect platform to cultivate a steady stream of innovators, technopreneurs, thinkers, and visionaries. These individuals are able to look beyond the state of the nation's ICT industry and execute initiatives for themselves, their businesses and their community, that will make Malaysia a force to be reckoned with globally.

Once again themed "Stimulating Creativity, Innovation and Excellence in ICT", the APICTA Awards continues to be the best opportunity for our local ICT heroes to showcase their solutions and understand the potential it holds not just for themselves but for the nation as a whole. This year's APICTA Award Winner and Merit recipients have shown great promise in leading Malaysia on the path of greater innovation. The APICTA Awards is not only a local platform to launch our young and upcoming innovators and technopreneurs, but it is also a renowned international stage for Malaysians to be recognised for their innovation, creativity and ability to take great ideas and turn them into solutions and services of remarkable quality.

Nominees of the MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards will be trained through the MDeC-Cradle Collaboration, Coach and Grow Programme (CGP) which focuses on structured coaching by entrepreneurs which is then personalised to each company, individual or school. This is done to raise the quality level of pitches by participants and subsequently increase their chances of winning. Only the top 30 percent of the nominees will receive further coaching where their solutions are then tagged on to KPIs and processes to enable easier monitoring and support during the implementation process.

For more information on the MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards and how to participate, as well as the International APICTA Awards, please visit today.

Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)

Your gateway to MSC Malaysia is the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), a high-powered 'one-stop agency' focused on ensuring the success of MSC Malaysia and the companies operating in it.

MDeC is incorporated under the Companies Act of Malaysia, and owned and funded by the Government. At MDeC, we combine the entrepreneurial efficiency and effectiveness of a private company with the decision-making authority of a high-powered government agency.

Our role is to advise the Malaysian Government on legislation and policies, develop MSC Malaysia-specific practises, and set breakthrough standards for multimedia operations. We also promote MSC Malaysia locally and globally, as well as support companies which are locating and located within MSC Malaysia.

We are dedicated to ensuring MSC Malaysia is the world's best environment to harness the full potential of ICT. MDeC is a champion, facilitator and partner. We champion the merits of MSC Malaysia, facilitate the entry of companies and partner with the Government and the private sector in realising both a vision and an opportunity. MDeC ensures that companies interested in entering MSC Malaysia have what they need to succeed. We guarantee a 30-day turnaround for applications, and will coach companies through the application process. As a performance-oriented, client-focused agency, we also assist in expediting permit and license approvals, and introduce companies to potential local partners and financiers.

Companies wishing to participate in the Corridor need not look elsewhere. Application begins and ends here. MDeC stands ready to work with investors, foreign and local, big or small, to ensure that MSC Malaysia fulfils its promises. Visit our Success Stories section to see what existing MSC Malaysia companies have to say about us.




PIKOM, THE NATIONAL ICT ASSOCIATION OF MALAYSIA is the association representing the information and communications technology (ICT) industry in Malaysia. Its membership currently stands at over 1400 comprising companies involved in a whole spectrum of ICT products and services which commands 80% of the total ICT trade in Malaysia.

PIKOM works to improve the business climate in the interests of all its member companies and to promote industry growth in line with national aspirations.  

PIKOM's members include:

  • Suppliers of equipment in computing and telecommunications
  • Software developers and suppliers
  • Providers of professional and educational ICT services
  • Network operators 
  • Suppliers of value added services in ICT

By facilitating Malaysia's business growth and competitiveness through application of information technology, PIKOM is positioned to be the voice of the Malaysian ICT industry.

Executive Committee

 Niran Noor

Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)


 Stan Singh

The National ICT Association of Malaysia (PIKOM)

MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards

The objective of the MSC Malaysia Asia Pacific ICT Awards (MSC Malaysia APICTA) is to provide recognition to outstanding achievements of individuals, students, entrepreneurs, SMEs and organizations with operations in Malaysia who have contributed to the development of the MSC Malaysia initiatives or in building applications and services for the benefit of Malaysia. It recognizes creativity, innovation, and excellence in Malaysian ICT.

This annual Awards program also provides an opportunity and an ideal environment for individuals and companies to gain local, regional and international exposure through on-going promotional activities, and through participation at the international Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APICTA).

Winners of the MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards represent Malaysia at the annual International APICTA Awards.

Benefits of the Awards Program:

  • Stimulate innovation and creativity.
  • Provide a platform for benchmarking of innovations in the industry to ensure the best are produced.
  • Provide recognition for the ICT achievers.
  • Opportunity for Winners to represent Malaysia in international awards.
  • Provide a platform to export winning ICT products and services.
  • Provide networking opportunities for participants.
  • Encourage strategic business alliances and cooperation among participants.
  • Provide exposure for participating companies to investment opportunities, venture capitalists and investors.
  • Create a bigger pool of knowledge workers essential for the development of the ICT industry.
  • Increase community awareness of the MSC Malaysia and of the development in the ICT industry.
  • Assist in narrowing the digital divide

APICTA Awards 2013 – Winners and Merits

No Category Company/University/School Product Name Status
1 BEST OF E-LEARNING Learning Port (M) Sdn. Bhd. Learning Port Winner
Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Motion & Avatar Educational Game for Attention Deficit Disorder Children Merit
2 BEST OF E-HEALTH Casemix Solutions Sdn. Bhd. MY-DRG Code Assist v2.1 (Rapid Casemix Assignment Software) Winner
3 BEST OF E-LOGISTICS DHL Information Services (Asia-Pacific) Sdn. Bhd. North Asia Hub Automated Sortation Integration Solution Winner
4 BEST OF E-INCLUSION & E-COMMUNITY Prestariang Systems Sdn. Bhd. 1Citizen Winner
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) Institute of Social Informatics and Technological Innovations-Center of Excellence for Rural Informatics eToro: Indigenous Botanical Knowledge Management System of Penans Merit
IT Paradise Solutions Sdn. Bhd. My Selamat Merit
5 BEST OF E-GOVERNMENT & SERVICES S5 Systems Sdn. Bhd. National Foreigner Registration and Enforcement System Winner
National Defence University of Malaysia SARTAMS: Search and Rescue Tactical Management System 5.0 Merit
6 BEST OF FINANCIAL APPLICATIONS Soft Space Sdn. Bhd. Soft Space Centralised EMV mPOS Winner
Consolsys Technologies Sdn. Bhd. Mosaic Voyager – The Multi-Channel Delivery System Merit
Longbow Technologies Sdn. Bhd. Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC) Merit
Giggle Garage Sdn. Bhd. ORIGANIMALS TV Series Merit
9 BEST OF TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY Y Us Sdn. Bhd. Evenesis Enterprise Winner
Wired In Sdn. Bhd. Merit
10 BEST OF APPLICATIONS AND INFRASTRUCTURE TOOLS Fusionex Corp Sdn. Bhd. Fusionex Business Intelligence (BI) Centre Winner
MDT Innovations Sdn. Bhd. Intelligent Impact Monitoring System with Wireless MEMS Merit
11 BEST OF COMMUNICATIONS APPLICATIONS MDT Innovations Sdn. Bhd. NFC Tag in SIM Card, Empowering All Phones to Become NFC Tag Winner
Telekom Research & Development Sdn. Bhd. Ultra-Long Reach Repeaterless Terrestrial Transmission (ULRT) System Merit
12 BEST OF RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Telekom Research & Development Sdn. Bhd. Advanced Internet Lighting Application: A Multifunction Communication System & A Bright Entertainment Device Winner
Telekom Research & Development Sdn. Bhd. Green Fiber Wireless (G-FiWi) Merit
13 BEST OF SUSTAINABILITY & GREEN IT Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman UTAR-BESS Merit
14 BEST OF START-UP COMPANIES Soft Space Sdn. Bhd   Winner
15 BEST OF TERTIARY STUDENT PROJECT – SOFTWARE / HARDWARE Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation Innovative and Eco-Friendly Cooling Fan Winner
Multimedia University An Innovative POS System Using Object Recognition Techniques Merit
TAR University College Design and Development of an Intelligent Machine-to-Machine System – Sherlock Cares Merit
16 BEST OF TERTIARY STUDENT PROJECT – CREATIVE MULTIMEDIA Multimedia University Monster Next Door Winner
Multimedia University The Silent Note Merit
KDU University College Vestigia Merit
17 BEST OF SECONDARY STUDENT PROJECT Foon Yew High School (Kulai) i – Wayang Kulit Winner
SMK Kulim, Kedah Easy Air Cleaners – Saves Thousands Of Lives Merit
18 BEST OF PRIMARY STUDENT PROJECT SJKC Yuk Chai Intelligent Nursing System Winner
SJKC Sin Kwang HISTOART of Malacca Merit
Mr. Ong Kian Yew

Head of Secretariat

Ms. Grace Lee