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SGTech is a premier trade association for the tech industry in Singapore. Within a rapidly evolving technology landscape, SGTech strives to create an ecosystem that anticipates trends and develops sustainable initiatives to strengthen the community and help the industry grow.

SGTech’s 700+ members range from innovative start-ups, vibrant small and medium-sized enterprises to top multinational corporations that leverage technology as a core driver of their business.

SGTech Chapters
SGTech’s Chapters offer focused support and development to both strategic and emerging sectors in the technology industry.
The Chapters are:

  • Cloud & Big Data Chapter (CBDC)
  • Cyber Security Chapter (CSC)
  • Digital Transformation Chapter (DxC)
  • Singapore Enterprise Chapter (SEC)
  • AI & High-Performance Computing Chapter (AI&HPC)
  • Smart Nation Chapter (SNC)

SGTech's committee's cater to emerging industry needs:

  • Data Centre Committee (DCC)
  • Talent & Capabilities Committee (TCC)

SGTech’s Mission
To sharpen and deepen our focus on the 2 key goals for our members and to the community we serve:

Advocate for Industry
SGTech serves as an active voice for the Tech industry by actively and responsibly advocating for change, while remaining a trusted and respected partner of the government.

Support Singapore's Agenda for Technology
SGTech contributes to tech industry growth and transformation through national programmes and initiatives that drive and enhance the Singaporean economy.

Executive Committee


Shirley Wong

Immediate Past Chairman, SGTech and Managing Director, TNF Venture Pte Ltd

Ms Shirley Wong is an entrepreneur and has more than 20 years of experience in the IT & Technology industry. She is a Director at Quantine Pte Ltd, a local enterprise that provides a platform that allows companies and job seekers to connect and engage without borders or time conflicts. She is also the Managing Partner of TNF Ventures Pte Ltd, an incubator under National Research Foundation’s Technology Incubator Scheme. Prior to the current role, she oversees the management and operations of the BT Frontline group in Asia Pacific, driving the professional services business for IT Security, Healthcare and Applications Development.


Yeo See Kiat

Executive Director, SGTech

See Kiat is the Executive Director of SGTech (formerly known as SiTF). As the Executive Director of SGTech, See Kiat leads the secretariat team to focus on three key value propositions for the members and community: Being a Business Enabler, a Responsible Advocate, and as Provider of Industry Insights. Prior to this, See Kiat has spent a better part of his career in the technology domain, spanning from software development in the early parts of his career, extending to domains like starting an Internet Service Provider, running a data centre business, building up the national Internet Exchange, as well as various functional roles in a mobile alliance and full service telecommunication operators. This has enabled him to garner a wide range of experiences spanning the technology sector.



Singapore Delegation in APICTA Awards 2014

Team Singapore led by Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) received 1 Winner and 4 Merit Awards at the APICTA, which took place in Jakarta, Indonesia from 27 -30 November 2014.

Winning projects as follow:





Government and Public Sector


Land Transport Authority (LTA)

Advanced Data Analytics for Bus Enhancement Program

Application Tools and Platforms


ViSenze Pte Ltd

Visual Search (Visearch)

Financial Industry Application


SingTel Ideas Factory


Inclusion and Community


Numoni Pte Ltd

NUGEN – Development of Micro-Transactional Terminal

School Project


Dunman High School









Winning Organisations’ Project Description

Land Transport Authority

Project: Advanced Data Analytics for Bus Enhancement Program

In Singapore, the daily ridership on public transport is 6.6 million journeys, of which bus account for 3.7 million rides today. This is a significant increase from 3.5 million daily bus rides in 2012, with an expected increase of 100,000 rides every year. To relieve crowding on buses, LTA leverage on advanced data analytics to data-mine farecard data for gaining deep insights on travelling patterns and demands of commuters. This allows LTA planners to assess and inject new bus routes and additional buses to improve bus frequencies. These measures under Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP) have allowed commuters to enjoy better level of bus services.


ViSenze Pte. Ltd.

Project: Visual Search (Visearch)

ViSearch is a powerful Vision-as-a-Service (“VaaS”) platform that delivers state-ofthe-art picture-to-picture matching technology in the cloud readily and costeffectively. ViSearch uses proprietary computer vision technology to solve the problem that meta-data search engines cannot address today when processing images and videos. Unlike search engines that process only text data, ViSearch detects objects and process the pixels in images. This enables ViSearch to search accurately against visual databases using only images as queries. ViSenze's technology is also able to receive image or video data-feed from any sensors, run real-time processing to (a) detect and recognise, and/or (b) detect and search.


SingTel Ideas Factory

Project: DASH

DASH, jointly created by SingTel and Standard Chartered Bank, is a mobile money service that integrates mobile banking, mobile payments, and mobile shopping into one app. It is the first solution of its kind in Singapore that allows customers to download cash from a savings account directly into their mobile phones to pay friends and businesses. It makes use of a unique, patent-pending technology that mimics physical cash transfer, allowing users make payment securely. Dash has partnered retail industry leaders to create a vibrant, next-generation mobile commerce community. Built to integrate the mobile device with merchants’ point of sale systems, customers can make secure payments at more than 20,000 acceptance points island-wide, including retail outlets, convenience stores, food courts, and taxis.


Numoni Pte Ltd

Project: NUGEN – Development of Micro-Transactional Terminal


The NUGEN is a Cash-based Self-Service Terminal created, developed and manufactured by NUMONI Pte Ltd to serve people who are underserved by Banks. The NUGEN brings cash-into-account for such people who comprise more than 80% of the world’s population. People can top-up prepaid airtime to their mobile phones, pay bills, purchase tickets, issues vouchers, repay micro-loans, conduct microsavings, make small remittances or value transfers, and top up to their mobile wallet with the NUGEN machine. In 3 simple steps, the transaction is completed. The NUGEN is designed to help bring the digital economy to the masses. The NUGEN supports dealers and retailers with its clean interface and each of maintenance. Instead of having multiple counters or support systems for these micro-transactions, the dealers/retailers need only use one Terminal to manage the transactions and cash-payments. Monitored and online 24/7, the NUGEN is simple to use and install, and is demanded in developing economies.


Dunman High School

Project: Pic-C.H.E

Pic-C.H.E. stands for Picture - Chinese to Hokkien to English, a wordplay reading "Picture". It allows users to learn commonly used words and phrases in daily life: elderly picking up English and Chinese, the young the Hokkien dialect, to bridge the communication gap between generations. There were no apps on Google Play, and very few on Apple’s App Store that provide Hokkien to English translation. Existing ones are neither user-friendly nor accurate. As many elderly are not able to converse in English, existing apps, or even a Hokkien to English dictionary will not be effective. The app allows the users to learn words through pictorial form. Pictures are universally understood, thus the elderly would be able to pick up English or Chinese phrases. At the same time, the young can easily learn a few phrases in Hokkien. The Chinese phrases can also allow the elderly who know Chinese, but do not know Hokkien, to pick up both Hokkien and English to converse with both the young and with those who only know Hokkien. The younger generation can learn Hokkien phrases on the go, or can use the app as a reference, whenever they need to converse with the elderly.



Contact the Economy Coordinators : 

Jacqueline Khoo

Asst. Director, Industry Outreach Programmes
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Manager, Operations
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