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British Computer Society Sri Lanka Section (BCS) Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS)


The Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS) and BCS- Sri Lanka Section jointly represent Sri Lanka at Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA).

The Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APICTA Awards) has always been strength to Sri Lanka to increase ICT awareness in the community and assist in bridging the digital divide. It’s a very good opportunity for Sri Lanka to be engaged with APICTA to get networking and product benchmarking opportunities for ICT innovators and entrepreneurs in the region, stimulate ICT innovation and creativity, promote economic and trade relations, facilitate technology transfer, and offer business matching opportunities via exposure to venture capitalists and investors.

FITIS and BCS both conduct local competitions modeled of APICTA and nominate representatives for the APICTA awards every year. National Best Quality ICT Awards (NBQSA) conducted by BCS Sri Lanka Section to nominate for Commercial Category and FITIS Conducts Young Computer Scientist Competition (YCS) to nominate students for Students Category.

FITIS and BCS jointly hosted APICTA 2015 in Sri Lanka during 17-22 November 2015 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was very successfully concluded with the participation of over 700 international and local participants.


Federation of IT Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS) is the apex body that plays a pivotal role in the development of ICT industry in Sri Lanka. Established in 1996, FITIS is under incorporation by an act of Parliament of Sri Lanka. FITIS represents the majority of Sri Lankan business firms engaged in Software, Hardware, ICT Education & Training, Communication and ICT Professionals. FITIS conducts several flagship events in partnership with major universities, state agencies and departments etc.

FITIS constitutes of the Software Chapter (formerly known as the Sri Lanka Association for software Industry or SLASI), Hardware Chapter (formerly known as the Sri Lanka Computer Vendors Association or SLCVA), Training & Development Chapter (formerly known as Association of Computer Training Sri Lanka or ACTOS), Communications Chapter (Lanka Internet Service Providers Association) and Professional Chapter (Information Systems Audit and Control Association or ISACA Sri Lanka Chapter).

About BCS- Sri Lanka Section

The BCS Sri Lanka section (BCSSL) was established in 1996. The section has over 2000 corporate members (MBCS) and about 2500 student members. Over 300 members are Chartered Information Technology Practitioners (CITP)s. BCSSL counts more than 25 Fellow Members (FBCS) amongst its membership. The Parent body, the BCS is the industry body for IT professionals, and a Chartered Engineering Institution for Information Technology (IT). With members in over 100 countries around the world, the BCS is the leading professional and learned Society in the field of computers and information systems.