2010 Malaysia

APICTA 2010 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Category Nominee For Profile
x-Secondary Student Project Pamodh chanuka Yasawardene SimuLab
x-e-Government Center for Advanced Research in Engineering (CARE) Digital Radio Surveillance Equipment Profile
x-Secondary Student Project Rayongwittayakom School Destine Strategy Profile
e-Learning (ELEA-02) LarnGear Technology Co.,Ltd. Augmented Reality Learning Media Profile
x-e-Health CureMD Pakistan CureMD Electronic Health Records, PM & PPS Profile
x-Security Application Center for Advanced Research in Engineering (CARE) 10G VoIP Monitoring Solution Profile
e-Learning (ELEA-02) University of Colombo School of Computing Vidusayura
x-e-Health PHUKET SOFTWARE FACTORY CO.,LTD. Individual Care (inCare) Profile
x-Security Application Ohanae Pte Ltd Universal Cloud ID Profile
Financial Industry Application (FINA-08) AsiaPay (HK) Limited PayGate-Electronic Payment Platform Application Service Profile
x-e-Inclusions and e-Community Aerocar Transaction Machines Automated Business Machines for the unbanked Profile
x-Start Up Company Free Alliance nuRF Wireless Sensor Network and Smart Wireless Systems Profile
Financial Industry Application (FINA-08) Avanza Solutions Rendezvous 4.0 Profile
x-e-Inclusions and e-Community Solo Tech TouchXS Profile
x-Tools and Infrastructure The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) The Open-source CUHK RFID Middleware System Profile
Industry Application (INDU-09) Sage Technology SageSURPASS Safe Work System Profile
x-e-Logistics and Supply Chain Management Smartag Solutions Berhad Smartrack Profile
x-Tools and Infrastructure WSO2 Global Starter Pack (GSP)
Media & Entertainment Technology (MEDI-06) G Element Pte Ltd Conveno Profile
x-Research and Development CSIRO ICT Centre iSnet – Smart Sensing & Informatics for Water Storages Profile
X-Communications Center for Advanced Research in Engineering (CARE) Software Defined Radio Profile
Media & Entertainment Technology (MEDI-06) Hotmob Limited Mobile Ad Marketplace Profile
x-Research and Development ThaiQuest Limited ThaiQuest e-Edition Profile
Tertiary Student Project (TERT-04) Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation (UCTI) Global Knowledge Reactor (GKR) Profile
x-Secondary Student Project Chung Hwa Middle School BSB SpringGrass Profile
Tertiary Student Project (TERT-04) Department of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University i*Chameleon Profile
x-Secondary Student Project Foon Yew High School (Kulai) Auto Temperature Descension Device by Solar Power Profile
Tertiary Student Project (TERT-04) University of Moratuwa Amora
Category Nominee For Profile
Tertiary Student Project (TERT-04) Xu Xuyuan (City University of Hong Kong) Stereoscopic video generation from Monoscopic Video Profile
X-Communications Smoov Pte Ltd Smoov.me Profile
x-e-Government Implementation Coordination Unit,Prime Minister’s Department (ICU JPM) eKasih-National Databank on Poverty Profile
x-e-Health Ephone International Pte Ltd EPI Life Profile
x-e-Inclusions and e-Community The Hong Kong Society for the Aged Brain Fitness Gymnasium for the Elderly – www.loveyourbrain.org.hk Profile
x-e-Logistics and Supply Chain Management NEO INVENTION Co.,Ltd. NEOtrace Profile
x-Research and Development Free Alliance nuRF Wireless Sensor Network and Smart Wireless Systems Profile
x-Secondary Student Project Fahma Waluya Rosmansyah My moms mobile phone as my sisters tutor Profile
e-Learning (ELEA-02) JAYONIK MSC SDN BHD Jayonik Convoy Dynamic Driving Simulator System Profile
x-Security Application iWebGate Pty Ltd DMZ in a Box! Profile
Financial Industry Application (FINA-08) IP Payments IP Payments Account Receivables Solution (SIPP) Profile
x-Start Up Company Ephone International Pte Ltd EPI Life Profile
Industry Application (INDU-09) Thales Australia Thales Australia Java Human Machine Interface (JHMI) Engine Profile
x-Tools and Infrastructure Geomove Co.,Ltd. Sensor Service GRID (SSG) Profile
Media & Entertainment Technology (MEDI-06) Scoreless Music Scoreless Music Suite Profile
x-Tourism and Hospitality FCS Computer Systems GDX Guest Services Management Profile
Special Mention
Category Nominee For Profile
x-e-Government SAFP ePass Profile
X-Communications Viettel Technologies., JSC SeaPhone 6810 Profile